Andy Norman- Founder of DL

Andy Norman is the founder of Defence Lab. 

Andy is one of the most experienced martial artists in the world and has trained in many styles of martial arts with numerous 'legends' of the arts but he was for a long time a student of JKD Legend Bob Breen​ travelling from his home in Hull each week to make the journey to London for lessons with Bob. 

For a long time Andy was a successful personal trainer until he expanded into the world of martial arts and later became the co founder of the Keysi Fighting Method or KFM as it was known. That of course lead to Andy being hired by leading Hollywood film companies and he worked on the fight scenes on Batman Begins.

It was whilst working on Batman that he met Liam Neeson who is now a DL student and from there Andy worked on numerous films from Mission Impossible 3 to working with Tom Cruise on Jack Reacher. Andy later left KFM and formed Defence Lab-The self defence system which is now teaching both civilians and Law Enforcement officers across the globe.

Andy took the street self defence skills of Defence Lab and adapted them for the big screen and you can check how this was done in this exclusive behind the scenes footage from Jack Reacher

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