About the Shapeshifter Blog

Welcome to the Shapeshifter- The Official Blog of Defence Lab. 

The Shape shifter blog ​is designed to bring you the latest news, in depth articles and interviews from across the DL World. We will bring you news and interviews from our Labs in glamorous locations such as New York, Mexico, London and Rome along with our Labs across the USA, Spain and of course the UK.

We will be writing about techniques, Instructors, the law, Labs, DL Kidz and NuYu Fitness. 

You will hear the latest news from our DL Headquarters and from time to time our Founder Andy Norman will stop by for an interview!

This blog represents the DL community so if you are a member of DL or just a little interested in what we do please subscribe to Shapeshifter and never miss an article.  ​

Let the Shifting begin!​

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